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Elizabeth Bennett
Elizabeth Mayall (1918-1991)
Elizabeth began to work with Gurdjieff Ideas at Coombe Springs, where she studied the Psychological ideas and also began to work on the Movements.  She met Gurdjieff in 1948, and in January 1949 she went to live in Paris, to be close to Mr. Gurdjieff, where she stayed for several months.  She married J. G. Bennett in 1958.
With Bennet's death in 1974, she took on the task of continuing the fourth course and directing the fifth course at Sherborne along with a few of Bennett's most experienced pupils, Pierre elliot, Vivien, Michel Sutton, Anthony Blake...
Elizabeth continued to work with groups, teaching the ideas of the Fourth way and methods that Bennett passed on at Sherborne and coombe Springs, after his death.
She published in 1980 'Idiots in Paris'.  This book is a collection of accounts written by J. G. Bennett and elizabeth during the three months preceeding Gurdjieff's death in 1949.  It is detailed report of what was really happening during that time, a very good recollection of journeys vividly structured and reported
In Elizabeth notes you find, that the memories of the dinners and lunches rituals, at Rue des Colonels Renard in Paris, with the 'toast of the idiots', are meticulously recorded and clarifying.
One very impressive description made by Elizabeth is her personal experience of Mr. Gurdjieff's death:
"We arrive at the chapel a little before six. I had not meant or wished to see his body;...
I was overwhelmed by the force that came from him. One could not be near his body without feeling unmistakably his power. He looked magnificent; composed, content, intentional, for want of a better word. Not simply a body placed by someone else. He was undisguised, nothing was concealed from us. Everything belonging to him, his inner and outer life and all the circumstances and results of it, were there to be seen, if one could see. What force there was in him then! I have never seen anything in any way like it."
Idiots in Paris / pag.104- about Mr. Gurdjieffs  death
Elizabeth  Bennett died on August 22 1991, at the age of 72.