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PART II- interview Jelaluddin Loras
Q: I saw also in Konya that they have a Mevlevi kitchen, and a place where they put a pair of shoes. This pair of shoes, they can be either facing in or facing out. What does this mean?
Jelaluddin: Right, right. In the Mevlevi tradition we don't say, -They fall on their face-. This is without respect of the human heart, whatever it is and that's the reason silent speak if they don't want that person to come to school they point their shoes outside door, gently asking them, Please, don't come. This is how, they don't say, they don't hurt their heart because they make some mistake, only God knows what the mistake they done and that's the reason we cannot judge them.. Who are we to hurt that person? That's the reason for silent talk.
Q: So then, in the kitchen you have different degrees of, according to time and experience you can be like a chief cook if you have been there for a long time, and so you're in charge of the kitchen, but you can also be just the kitchen boy for example?
Jelaluddin: Right. This is newcomer usually the kitchen boy because that is how they train this is not in the kitchen only they train them how to cook, how to learn because all the people of the kitchen has role to teach and everyone has the clear mirror we learn every day to each other, that's the and also there is a hierarchy in the Sufis and in the Mevlevi tradition we have hierarchy, each one of us has their own role and we will learn each other, not only one time all the time all your life we look mirror to mirror to learn. They are clear mirror to us to receive daily teaching and that's the reason hierarchy important in the Mevlevi tradition because we learn, hierarchy bring for us the gratitude, respect for your older friend, not necessary he will be older than you, maybe he will be younger than you but he began one day, one hour before you that is always you have to respect him because he stepped in the path of God, in the true way of God one hour, ten minutes even, before you. But the cultural understanding of course young man always respects elders. Cultural understanding also we teach the same time of behavior, respect for your elders.
It's very beautiful teaching because   they are always   looking at the mirror, when you turn ,the one person in the kitchen in this school of the mystic will reflect you, see yourself as clearly because they are clear mirror they always polish their mirror because they are there to polish their mirror. They are there because they wanted to know God. But we don't look for God other than in us. That is how Sufi sees it.
-God is not in India. God is not in Tibet, not in Jerusalem, not in Mecca.
-God is in you.
That is how we say; the Beatula in Kaber, in the name of Kaber is also Beatula, which mean &quot;the first house of God.
-But God never lived in  that house . He lives in you because He says: "I cannot fit in the entire universe, but I can fit in the believer's heart". That's the home God's manifest. The heart of woman is the mirror God manifest every breath.
That is our job, is to be the reflection of God in every breath. That's the reason the breath is very important in every religion. Every religion speak about, - beware of your breathe.
Q: Can you speak about any miracle performed by Nevlana? Did he? because a miracle is like a high station that can bring the laws from a higher world to manifest in this field?
Jelaluddin: Right. We call that, a miracle is Karamet. Karamet isthe, like receiving the information from God. But we call this Karamet; this is the feeling of God. Tune-ment, that's how I can probably interpret that, Tune-ment, -to tune your heart with the divine-. When you can do, this there will be a channel open, they're clear, they're open, they're open lovingly and understanding with respect. That is how you start to see clearly what is happening around you, what is happening in the whole world. But if you don't have that clearness, you start judging everyone and what they do, including even yourself.
You have to love yourself because you don't love yourself, you are looking with the wrong view, you start to feeling you are worthless, you are stupid or you are different. You start judging yourself at the same time you're loving yourself, thanking God you're human, you have capability to bring that life, to bring that life in you which God give to you as soon as you   start  breathing, even in the mother's womb. When we are born, we have a mission in the life.
Every one of us came here to do our job. Everyone came here to teach and at the same time to learn. No one came accidentally. No one is created by God as extra or last. Everything He created with complete rhyme and reason. Most of them we don't understand the reason. It's not clear. It's only His knowledge. But we have mission in here, every one of us -- believers, unbelievers, whatever  mission- and we will complete that mission until our last breath.
Q: But there is no guarantee. We are in a path where we can choose for ourselves what is, either we going to be away from God or we're going to walk towards God.
Jelaluddin: Yes. Logically that is true, that is why God offers us two ways, dark and light, angel/devil, night/day, woman/man.  We all relate to each other. Tell me then, did you choose where you where born? Which mother to choose? -Maybe we did, but we don't remember. This is clear for me, we don't have choice. This is what Sufis say, -God gives for us two paths, two ways and you have to choose, free will, that's what we are talking about.
Many Sufi masters talk about, -What is your free will?,  -If you have free will, why you didn't choose to be king, son of king or daughter of queen? And that is how, really, truly, all is chosen by God. That is why, always mysticism recommends that you follow first, and be thankful to everything God give to you, what every situation you are in, if God gives to you wealth and health and beauty and everything, and if He give for you difficulties you still thankful to God. That's our point. Many ones said, "Yes, everything from God, we don't have even a choice", because there are so many hyats, hyat is the word of God in the Koran telling us: "I chose them, I chose special people to save humanity, correct humanity, like the prophets". He chooses saints. Here my explanation about God choosing those people, because those people is the most smart, most clever, most strong, most open heart for all humanity. That's the reason God chose them to correct us, teach us the right path. That's how I believe I see it. And when you studying the prophets, prophet lives, they are the most strong, they are the most fearless because they don't have any fear from anybody because God is with them. "Messengers are never afraid from anybody, because God is with you". "I am with you" That is the"I am"  only belong to God. Sufi don't call I , we call  we; or Fakeya, helpless, poor.
Sheik Sulliman Dede
Claymont / West Virginia
Jelaluddin: She, -(Myriam in the interview)-  asked me , What is my father'. Here I will explain who my father is. He is the one for me and many, many people, for many people in the west, in this country and east is knowledgeable right person, full of wisdom.  
He said,  -I know one thing, I don't know nothing-.
That is my father. That's how he was, humble. He don't walk   full of ego, he walk very humble.
That how, mention of Koran: who walk in the earth  humble; they are the one in the right path; they are one, my love, lovers.
Q: Everyone comes with a mission. How can one find what that mission is?
Jelaluddin: God is the real teacher of all humanity.
-He says: "I am the mission for everyone that he know how to ask"  If you will believe, God give us two ways, choice, will, simply, simply ask God with your own language, even you don't need the special language to pray God or channel with God; with your own language. No special language in the earth will take you God, except pure heart of you. That is the God says: "I will not going to judge you what you have  done with  your life. I will judge what your heart is contained during your life" That is how God is going to judge you, judge us, what is this part that speaks, not what I have done.
Anyway, that is the choice of God. And the way of God works with mysteries. All He is asking for all his creations, -Thank me with pure heart, Remember me with desire and love. And then you will see you're changing, you are seeing different, different dimensions of life; you have more understanding of the life itself and what God offers.
It needs time with the patience. It's not like (snap) that, But to some people in the history, human history. There is training before, maybe a person ask really, truly question to God. The time is right. The space is right. God offer and you will be fascinated what happen to you.
Usually ordinary people like us need to work, we need to try, we need the offer, we need the sacrifice. But if we really, truly know behind the sacrifice in what we gain, like Abraham, Ali Salam follow the command of God and trying to sacrifice in his son try because God asked him to sacrifice your son , for Me. And he didn't hesitate, he just acted. What happen? He gained. He didn't sacrifice his son, but he acted, followed the command of God. That is how the represent Abraham's the action work is the sacrifice his son, he sacrificing his ego, his desire, his will, worldly desire.