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by Jose Reyes

In the meetings we had during the past week in our groups we tried to share our common experiences with the past seminar, several observations came up that reflect a common feeling that may be shared by all who participated in the event.

One is the perception of time. How time seemed to expand beyond our usual perception of it, and as the seminar progressed  we seemed to be able to accomplish more in less time.

Second the emotional state. No matter what went on the emotional state seemed to be stable at all times and aside from moments of up or down, the state went back to a much more stable condition than our ordinary life, where emotional events seem to hang on for days and even weeks.

The third thing that happened often, was that after going back to ordinary life, there was a strong resistance to engage in ordinary life, having a central question coming back such as: WHAT AM I DOING HERE? And at the same time experiencing a total disregard from our usual activities.

These were the common observations and I would like to make some comments about them since they could also apply to the rest of us.

Beelzebub talks about time as the Merciless Heropass; he did not even have mercy towards God and forced him to create the visible world in order to escape from his maleficent action. Time is really passing faster than we realize, just look at your passport and see the picture taken last year when you thought you look so bad, and when you see it now you say? Hum I did not look so bad after all. That is the effect of time on us. He mention a devise in All and Everything that acts as a governor or regulator, like those we see in music boxes, a sort of fan, that makes the unwinding spring unwind at a much slower speed than it would otherwise.

This device is also in humans and he calls it IRANSAMKEEP, and is defined as:          


Our perception of time changed because we were taking in impressions from all three centers at one time or another. Sensation could be the regulator we need to keep active in order to slow down the passage of time.

Then why did the energy seemed to seep out of our system in a couple of weeks, that is because we do not yet have a vessel that can contain such organized energy, and it begins to be used in automatic behavior by the different centers. We feel good for a while and that is all. That is like pretending to live from the money we find in the street, and we go from seminar to seminar and always end up in our old self again, the transformation of our Being (If that is what we are after) can not occur under such condition of heightened states. This is the marry-go-round of our lives.

So we must strive for the formation of a second body that could contain such energy and use it wisely for Being and not for personality, for such a body (Kesdjan made from two words meaning literally vessel of the Soul) to form or acquire solidity in us we must establish in ourselves the struggle of yes and No. If all our likes and dislikes continue in us without a force that oppose them, if there is no struggle and we always give to the line of less resistance, then there is nothing to do, we are taking out from the empty to pouring into the void.

Our Personal work must have an Aim, a direction and a purpose. Read Belcultassi, - All and Everything, Beelzebub Tales to his Grandson.

Find a real Gurdjieff group, work together, sacrifice your opinions and your own suffering!


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