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Experiencing the present moment
By Nikauly
As soon as we arrived to Austin-Bergstrom Airport, two days before the beginning of the seminar, a warm embrace welcomed us.  We started from that moment a contact that for the next days would lead us into the insights of an unusual and unpredictable dimension of experience with reality.
After a one hour journey through highways and country roads we get in front of an almost unnoticed house among the trees, not so far from Dripping Springs. The widest firmament ever seen and the powerful scent of the cedar trees were around us. The property was no doubt an untouched territory where everything was new for us, 'newcomers'  used to urban life.
The perception I keep from that night and my own surprise regarding what surrounded me at that moment are still so vivid as the joy and serenity that grew up in my inner self with the next dawn. Thus, as the sun was rising, grew up for all of us there the sensation of finding ourselves at the right place. That day and on the following day all the others arrived to complete our group, everyone unbelievably beautiful in their diversity, united by the very same wish: to Work.
Without realize it, we started together a completely dazzling and full of life experience. Every new day we were delighted to attend an encounter with reality, a shared celebration overflowed with an uncommon energy. Throughout the day, the schedule was varied;  full of surprises and new demands. We began the day with the morning exercise; observations were shared after breakfast in the general meeting or during small group?s time. Then a reading to introduce the exercise of the day. Afterwards came the intensive movements classes, for beginners and advanced as well, saving a couple of hours for lunch and allowing time enough to work with two special themes to be unfolded on a presentation at the end of the seminar: -Meaning and Purpose.
As time went by, we saw how Jose proposed a new and unexpected turn to the schedule, a new activity which always was immediately welcomed for all of us. Then, everyone adopted the correspondent role without rush and with no delay, responding with remarkable dedication to new requirements. It was incredible how the very intensity imposed by the schedule did not find a minimum opposition in us. As Jose explained to the group, "It seams that there as nothing that could disturb that energy", nor a negative emotion, nor a complaint, everything was flowing in a wonderful order. That extension of time extended infinitely before our own eyes, the organized energy that was shared for all of us as a grace, put us in contact with a different kind of certainty and trust.
To accomplish this it was vital for us to end each day renewing the direction of our emotion with the practice of the Zikr. To those who experienced the Circle of Love for the first time, the Zikr was an unlimited experience to which they entered with no doubts, as immersing their own bodies into placid spring waters. We were able to witness joyful Zikrs that melted us all in an almost nave complicity in the face of the possibility of approaching the divine.
Indeed, by the last day of the seminar, the efforts to constantly bring sensation no longer seemed as odd as before. From the fourth day, all the activities and even social breaks suddenly were permeated with an appropriate atmosphere that allows us to maintain the sensation in our bodies. During our last sitting, before the movements performance, we shared as a group a new taste of the present moment which was able to extend itself immediately. The most incredible experience occurred to me when we melted together in one being, full of joy, as one heart knocking at the door of the Beloved.
Now back home and while I look back it seems like this seminar in Austin had much more extension, as if its wideness and reach is yet undiscovered. In one of the excerpts red by Jose, Gurdjieff warned us: "Do not be afraid of emptiness". Letting emptiness be in us, allowing this brief absence of any of our many I's, this miracle has come true. The Work has sown a seed in our hearts. This seed holds in itself an unlimited richness. I am talking about the taste of the present moment, that ?place to experience new and unexpected impressions?, as one of the participants used to say with unusual delight.
It is not a surprise how all of us are still experiencing this feeling of having lived wider days and more powerful nights. Even beyond, in the very depth of us lies a serenity regarding the immediate future, on the meaning and purpose of our lives, on the strength that could be attained by our Work groups as part of a community, devoting themselves to a common aim.