Gudjieff seminar: Zikr, Movements - Royalston, MA
Memorial day   Weekend - Royalston, MA
May 29-31/2004
You   are invited to join a work weekend focusing on the practice of zikr but also including other practices such as movements   and inner exercises.
We   have invited our friend Jose Reyes from the Dominican   Republic to   lead the event. Jose has practiced Zikr for many years with his group in Santo     Domingo and   has made it a pillar of his own spiritual   Work.   Zikr, that is remembrance, or remembrance of God is a practice that   originates in the Sufi tradition. It involves working with the breath   and the voice.
The   weekend is open to all people with or without previous experience.
The   Event is sponsored by Miller's River Educational Cooperative (MREC).
It   will begin Saturday, May 29th. at 7:AM and end Monday, May 31st at 1:PM
Special   arrangements will be made  for people who arrive on Friday 28th
The   fee for the Weekend is $80.- for   individual and $100.- for couple and families. Families with 2 income are asked to pay $160.-Payment is due in full upon   arrival.
Fees   include simple accommodations and all meals.
For   further information, registration, and directions,
please  call Elan at:  978-544-6346
or   email to:
or   mail to: Millers River   Educational Cooperative
P.O.Box 122
Royalston MA 01368
The MillersRiver Educational Cooperative is a group that has been engaged in   the practical study of the ideas of G.I. Gurdjieff and J.G. Bennett for over   25 years