The Holy Week –Chronologically

Holy Week is the last week of Lent, the week immediately preceding Easter Sunday

Palm Sunday:

- The Triumphal entry into Jerusalem (Mk.11:1-10)
- Jesus in
Jerusalem and in the Temple (Mk.11:11)
- Retirement to
Bethany (Mk.11:11)


- The fig tree cursed (Mk.11:12-14)
- Jesus cleanses the
Temple (Mk.11:15-19)

Super Tuesday:

- The cursed fig tree withered to its roots. The power of prayer (Mk.11:20-26)
- Jesus' authority challenged by the Sanhedrin (Mk.11:11-33).

- Parable of the two sons (Mt.21:28-32).
- Parable of the vineyard (Mk.12:1-12)
- Parable of the marriage feast (Mt.22:1-14

-  About tribute to Caesar (Mk.12:13-17).
-  About resurrection (Mk.12:18-27).
- Which is the Great Commandment (Mk.12:228-34).
- How could David's son be his Lord (Mk.12:435-40).

- Fearful denunciation of Scribes and Pharisees (Mt.23).
- The poor widow's gift (Mk.12:41-44).

- The Sermon of the End of the World (Mt.24-25, Mk.13, Lk.21)
- The 7 premonitory signals (Mt.24:4-14)
- The Abomination of the Desolation (Mt.24:15-20).
- The Great Tribulation (Mt.24:21-28).
- The Coming of the son of Man (Mt.24:29-41).
- The Seven Parables:
                1- The fig tree (Mt.24:32-35).
                2- The time: Like in Noah's time (Mt.24:36-39).
                3- The two men in the field and the two women grinding wheat (Mt.24:40-41).
                4- The master of the house and the thief (Mt.24:42-45).
                5- The faithful and evil servants (Mt.24:51).
                6- The ten virgins (Mt.25:1-13).
                7- The talents (Mt.25:14-30).

- The Final Judgment: The sheep and the goats (Mt.25:3-46).

Wednesday (or Tuesday)

- The conspiracy of the Jews against Jesus (Mk.14:1-2).
- Jesus anointed at
Bethany (Mk.14:3-9). In John, before Palm Sunday (Jn.12:1-8)
- Judas bargains with the priests to betray Jesus (Mk.14:10-11).

Holy Thursday:
- Washing of the feet (Jn.13).
- Sermon of the Last Supper (Jn. chapters 13 to 17).
- The agony in
Gethsemane and arrest of Jesus (Mk.14:32-50).

Good Friday:
- Three religious (Jewish) trials of Jesus: Annas, Caiaphas, Sanhedrin (Jn.18:12-27, Lk.22:66-71).
- Three civic (Roman) trials of Jesus: Pilate, Herod, Pilate (Lk.23:1-25).
- The Way of the Cross (Mt.27, Mk.15, Lk.23, Jn.25).
- The Crucifixion of Jesus at
9 AM (Mk.15:25).
- The Death of Jesus at
3 PM (Mk.15:33-34).
- The burial of Jesus (Mk.15:42-37).


The Bible says nothing.

Eastern Sunday:
- Resurrection of Jesus (Mt.28, Mk.16, Lk.24, Jn.20, 1Cor.15).
- Apparitions (Mt.28, Mk.16, Lk.24, Jn.20-21)... John dedicates to them Two Chapters (21-22)