In The early 70s , Suleyman Hayati Dede,Sheikh  of Konya,  traveled to North America, carrying the Mevlevi tradition. He trained men and women in the Sema ceremony--planting the seeds of Love, Unity and Beauty in many hearts. Then in 1978 he sent his son, Jelaluddin Loras to America to continue this teaching and to water the seeds.

Jelaluddin gives us a unique form of zikr, combining  music with movements, which  provides us with  real joy to our spirit. He has brought to this culture and  to this time a Mevlevi zikr that opens the Light of God.  We are encouraged to purify our hearts and our actions, that everything we do may be a prayer of thankfulness to our Devine Creator.

The practice of zikr means Remembrance--remembering that every breath is a gift from God--and asking forgiveness for every breath taken in forgetfulness.


The Seminar in Dominican Republic touch our hearts in a very speciall way, we experienced the power of Love, and saw clearly that love brings us in front of new possibilities.
What is impossible to attain with our own efforts is given  to us almost with out asking.  Human beings are like a powerfull transmiting station and when we come together as one heart, we are able to reach levels of experience that remain forever ingrained in our emotions.

Photos from seminar
Interview with Postneshin Jelaluddin Loras
Review from Seminar - by Jose Reyes
Seminar 2004