Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Jose Reyes/ Germany, summer Seminar - 2004

Jose Reyes has been a teacher of the fourth way since 1977, founder of the Gurdjieff Dominican Group and also other groups in Puerto Rico, Cuba, Europe and United States.

Born in Santo Domingo, as an only child Jose started his search for the real meaning of life at a very young age, going through many faces in his life which includes, meditation, Martial Arts, Prayer...  He began to acquire a reputation as a person of insight and sound judgments, and many people from all walks of life sought his spiritual advice, both in person and by letter.

Eventually, he came across what he consider to be the guide of his teachings and the most important step in his life, -"The Gurdjieff  Work". Jose started this journey being for many years  a disciple of Pierre Elliot, who in turn was a direct disciple of  Gurdjieff and Bennett.

This brought a deeper significance to his life, giving him the vision of a well balanced system of self development through which he could reach his aim.

As he meet different groups  and other traditions, he found them lacking in one respect, - that is  'Love'.

Later influenced by his encounters and work  with a diverse range of spiritual teachers, from whom he receive guides and instructions including -Pierre Elliot, Reshad Field, Sheikh Muzaffer Ozak (Halveti order),  Sheikh Suleyman Dede (Mevlevi Order),  Nathalie De Saltzman, Jim Nott, Dushka Howarth, and Sheik Jelaluddin Loras(Mevlevi Order).)

He continually travels the world giving extended retreats and seminars and meeting with teachers of different traditions. In his most recent journey he went to Istanbul and Konya, Turkey - where he visited Sheik Jelaluddin Loras of the Mevlevi Order and  invited to lead  Sufi Seminars in the Dominican Republic.

Jose believes firmly in the advice of Mr. Gurdjieff, that once you have establish an aim  you can easily discerned good and evil.

Good being defined as everything that will bring you closer to your aim, and evil anything that will prevent you from reaching it. On this basis he has adopted the Zikr (remembrance of God) as a means of bringing people closer to their heart,  allowing them to evoke the power of love,  to make contact with their essence and establish an everlasting relationship with God.

In addition to his work as teacher and public speaker, Jose is spiritual mentor to hundreds of students around the world who, have come together to form an International community for the realization of personal growth.

At present he leads the different groups in the Dominican Republic as well as different international Seminars in Santo Domingo, Europe, Puerto Rico, and United States.



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