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Extract from All and Everything, Beelzebub Tales to his Grandson.
"Messengers from Above, who are indeed sent from time to time by certain of the closest assistants of our Common Father to help the three-brained beings of your planet destroy in their presence the crystallized consequences of the properties of the organ kundabuffer."
Beelzebub, Chapter 21- The first Visit of Beelzebub to India
Extracts from Chapter 38-   " RELIGION"
..."with the result that on this planet of yours there are as many religions as there are colors in the rainbow, and the ?same old story" starts over again.  "During recent centuries hundreds of these independent religious teachings arose in the common process of the planetary existence of your favorites, and all of them were based on what had survived of the totality of indications and explanations given to them by the Sacred Individuals intentionally actualized from Above.
"On such surviving fragments which, in recent times, have strangely inspired them, and from which with their bob-tailed Reason they have borrowed ideas for inventing their newer and ever newer religious teachings, there were based five religions which still exist today, namely:
"About the first of these, the Buddhist religion, I have already told you"
(Read Extract from chapter 21, FIRST VISIT OF BEELZEBUB TO INDIA)
"The second, namely Judaism, was founded, as it were, precisely on the teaching of Saint Moses, the name given to one of the genuine Sacred Individuals who, in his turn, was intentionally actualized from Above."
"This Sacred Individual was actualized in the planetary body of a boy who arose in the country now called 'Egypt,'  shortly after my fourth sojourn on the surface of this planet of yours."
"This Sacred Individual, now called Saint Moses, accomplished a great deal for them and left them many such exact and corresponding indications for ordinary existence that, if they had adopted and applied them more or less normally, then indeed all the consequences of the properties of the maleficent organ kundabuffer might have gradually been decrystallized, and even the predisposition for new crystallizations might have been destroyed"   
... After Saint Moses, that Sacred Individual was sent from Above who laid the foundations of the religion which your contemporary favorites call 'Christianity'.
"That Sacred Individual, whom they call Jesus Christ, was actualized in the planetary body of a boy of the race of terrestrial three-brained beings which Saint Moses, by command from Above, chose from among the beings inhabiting the country of Egypt and led to the 'Land of Canaan. '  "After this Jesus, there were actualized, also on the continent of Asia, two other Sacred Individuals on whose teachings the beings there founded two of the enumerated religions that still exist to this day."
"One of these two Sacred Individuals was Saint Muhammad, who appeared among the 'Arabs,' and the other, Saint Lama, who appeared among the beings dwelling in the country named 'Tibet. ' 'At the present time, the first of the five religious teachings I mentioned, namely Buddhism, is found chiefly among the beings dwelling in the country of 'India,' the former 'Pearl-land,' and in the countries called 'China' and 'Japan.' 'The followers of the second religious teaching, namely Judaism, are now scattered over the whole planet'... (read chapter 38  Bellzebub's Tales -" Religion")
"The third religion, founded on the teaching of Jesus Christ, soon spread so widely in its original form that almost a third of all the three-centered beings of this planet became its followers.
"But before long they also began to mistreat this religious teaching based on 'resplendent Love',  and transformed it into something equally resplendent, but now, as our dear Mullah Nasr Eddin says, into a 'resplendent terasakhaboora from the kesbaadji fairytale. 'Furthermore, it turned out that the followers of this great religious teaching split up, on account of some unimportant external details, into various sects, and were no longer called just 'Christians',  as were the first followers of this teaching, but 'Orthodox,' 'Zevrodox',  'Ypsylodo,'  'Hamilodox', and various other cognomens also ending in 'dox'. "And into this teaching of truth and verity they also began, for various egoistic and political reasons, to mix fragments taken from other 'religious teachings' already existing there fragments that not only had nothing in common with the teaching of Jesus but sometimes even flatly contradicted the truths revealed by this divine teacher.
"They mixed into it a great deal from the teaching of Saint Moses, which by that time had been thoroughly distorted, and much later, during the period that contemporary beings there call the 'Middle Ages',  the so-called 'Fathers of the Church' inserted into this Christian religion nearly the whole of that fantastic doctrine invented long ago in the city of Babylon by those learned beings belonging to the school of the dualists, about which I have already told you.
"The 'Fathers of the Church'  in the Middle Ages probably concocted this mixture for the benefit of their own 'shops'  and the 'shops'  of their assistants, because of the famous 'Paradise' and 'Hell' contained in that doctrine.  "So at the present time, in place of the teaching of the divine teacher Jesus Christ, which revealed the power of the All-lovingness and All-Forgivingness of our Creator suffering for beings, a teaching now exists that our Creator torments the souls of His followers...
...By the way, I should tell you here that the teaching of Jesus Christ was preserved unchanged among a rather small group of terrestrial beings and, passing from generation to generation, has even come down to the present day in its original form.
"This small group of terrestrial beings is called the 'Brotherhood of the Essenes.' The members of this brotherhood first succeeded in introducing the teaching of this divine teacher into their own being-existence, and then in transmitting it to later generations as a very good means of freeing themselves from the consequences of the properties of the organ kundabuffer...
 "The fourth great religion existing there today arose several centuries after the Christian religion and was founded on the teaching of the "full-of-hope" Saint Muhammad At first it spread there widely, and might eventually have become a 'hearth of hope and reconciliation'  for all of them if these strange beings had not also stirred this up into a 'hodge-podge.'
"On the one hand, its followers mixed into it some of the fantastic theories of the Babylonian dualists, and on the other, the 'Fathers of the Church'  of this religion, in this case called 'Islamic sheikhs,' invented and added to it many things about the blessings of that famous Paradise supposedly existing in the 'other world' 'blessings such as could never have entered the head of the chief governor of Purgatory, His All-Quarters Maintainer the Arch-Cherub Helkgematios, even if he had deliberately tried to imagine them.  Although the followers of this religion also split up, from the very first, into many different 'sects'  and 'sub-sects' 'which, by the way, continue to exist even till now ' they nevertheless all subscribe to one or the other of its two independent 'schools,'  as they are called, which were formed at the time of its arising.
"These two schools of the Islamic religion are called there 'Sunnism'  and 'Shi'ism."
"It is interesting to note that the psychic hatred of each other formed in the beings belonging to these two independent branches of one and the same religion has now, on account of their frequent clashes, been completely transformed into organic hatred."
"During recent centuries the beings of certain European communities have greatly contributed by their intrigues to this peculiar transformation of that strange being-function.
"And they make use of these intrigues again and again to increase the animosity between the followers of these two independent schools of one and the same religion so that they should never unite, for if this were to happen there might soon be an end of those European communities.  'The point is that nearly half of the three-brained beings there are followers of this Islamic teaching, and only as long as this hatred prevails among them will they constitute no serious threat of 'reciprocal destruction'  to European communities.
'Now as regards the fifth teaching, the teaching of the Sacred Individual called Saint Lama, who was also a genuine Messenger from our Endlessness, this teaching was spread only among those three-brained beings there who, because of their geographical location, scarcely ever came in contact with other beings of this ill-starred planet, and in consequence were scarcely affected by the abnormally established conditions of ordinary being-existence there.
'One part of this teaching was also soon changed and even destroyed by its followers, but the other part entered more or less into the existence of this little group of beings and began to produce the expected results Thanks to this the hope grew, even among the highest Sacred Individuals, that this teaching, created by the saintly labors of Saint Lama, might one day accomplish what had become a necessity in the Megalocosmos for everything that exists ' But your favorites did not allow this to happen and by their 'military expedition'  or 'Anglo-Tibetan war',  without so much as a thought they knocked this possibility soundly on the head?
...In spite of the help of all these 'new European inventions' ,  this movement of theirs up the heights of this country was very difficult, and cost them dearly, not only in what they call ?pounds sterling? but also in what they call 'casualties. '
'While this assemblage of terrestrial three-brained beings continued their slow and laborious ascent, the beings who dwelt above in Tibet as yet suspected nothing of the 'military expedition' against their country.
"And they learned about it only when the troops had reached the heights.  "When the beings of this high country learned of this unusual event, they became very alarmed and agitated, because for many centuries they had been accustomed to the notion that the place of their existence was inaccessible to others, and that beings of other communities, no matter what their means for the process of reciprocal destruction, would never be able to reach them. "So certain were they of this that not even once had they cast a glance downward to see the preparations that were being made during this time for penetrating into their 'inaccessible' country, and hence they did not take any corresponding measures in advance.
"And so those sorrowful events came to pass which were to destroy forever all the results created by that full-of-faith Sacred Individual, Saint Lama"...
All the information on this page is from:
All and Everything
Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandsons
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