January Seminar 2003


This morning, after working on the "Great Prayer" and several Movements, the chatter arose again, but this time with thoughts and 'memory-bites' of the superb Seminar in RepublicaDominicana this past January.  It was a sumptuous collaboration by Jose Reyes, our host, and Wim Van Dullemen, well assisted by many experienced Movers. While lost in pleasant longing for that comradery of focused Aim called "Seminar"  suddenly a little piano 'ditty' started playing in my inner ear."Heart and Soul..."it sang, then the usual "duh-dah-dee-dah..."for the never quite learned lyrics. The music, however, is not only well remembered by myself, but one of the most often taught duets in 'American Piano 101' and shared informally between countless pairs of friends through the years.  Ah, a duet - noting that, came the belated insight - These two dedicated and deep-Working Teachers play together as sincerely as the simple compelling harmony of the two piano parts of "Heart and Soul",  Many couplets of words associate with those two,  beat and 'feel';  rhythm and melody; love and passion; physical and ethereal, to list a few. It is clearly pointless to attempt to weigh or compare the components of balanced systems. The bottom-line connotation of the phrase is
- with one's All;  However we define the parts, ultimately, unity of purpose is the Aim, whether in song or Movements, and from one participant/observer's view, that was movingly, remarkably, palpable.

To a great extent, the Group of about seventy at the Seminar developed a unified rhythm and 'feel'. Perceptions of polarity, ('us' vs. 'them') which seem to habitually arise in gatherings of folks, slowly, through our intentional collaborative Work, came to be understood as the give-and-take Reconciling of "Purgatory"  in action. Fruits of External Considering, as sweet as the tropical breezes. As the Seminar's theme aptly put it - "The Art of Conscious Living" in deed. Our hearts caught the down-beat together, (even if our feet did not always,) our bodies found harmony in function, and our minds could access calm clarity in prayer of many sorts.

I am very grateful to Wim and Jose, and to all the vibrant folks who made it.