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Pertaining to The Law of Three, Triamazikamno

by Elaine Jacobs, January 2005


Pertaining to The Law of Three, Triamazikamno

Musings on 'All and Everything' Tied to String Theory

Summary from several talks in Santo Domingo, Jan. '05

   My King James Version Bible begins thus:  "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.  And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.  And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.  And God said, Let there be light: and there was light." [emphasis added]  Apparently God did not start with nothing.  The Book clearly states that a 'dark void' existed simultaneously, or before "God moved upon" It.  There is no 'upon' nothing.  We humans have been so dazzled by the Light that we overlooked the simple fact that without the Dark, the Light would be indefinable, indiscernible - and vice-versa.  Recent observations of about ten to fourteen billion years of SpaceTime show that "...most of the universe today is composed of invisible dark matter and dark energy." [1]  By the end of the 20th Century here on earth, cutting-edge science began to observe both the extreme micro on our planet, and extreme macro of Space, and discovered, not nothing, but potentially anything, everywhere.  At the sub-subatomic level everything seen and not-seen now appears to be a very fast agitation of potential electromagnetic charges, a multi-universe-sized bubbling soup of possible atomic structurings - a 'womb' for Creation.

  Everything is so undifferentiated at this minute scale, regarding spin and charge, that what for decades had been observed as a point or ‘particle' of measurable polarity and location, now looks like an ultimately immeasurable "smear" of extremely rapid oscillation over a multi-dimensional area of Space-Time. [2]  This image was dubbed a stretchy "string", maybe a "membrane" seen edge-on. [3]  Not only do positive and negative charges flip-flop so rapidly and chaotically as to be any-charges, but even the 'neutral' or 'zero charge' has now been seen to be a "mass-less spin 2 particle" with two directions of spinning simultaneously, a very 'queer' item indeed. [4]  In other words, what was thought to be something is actually anything, and what was considered nothing is really everything.  Needless to say, at the dawn of the 21st Century, there is a lot of cacophony among the world's top physicists who are seeking the ultimate harmony of a fully mathematically unified theory explaining all observed phenomena.  It will be interesting to see how they describe the eternal relationship of this Trinity of three very basic principles, 'Positive,' 'Negative,' and 'Neutral'/('goes-both-ways',) as it becomes ever clearer by direct observation that each help 'create' the others - are perpetually adapting analogs and anti-analogs of each other, and are thusly One.

  George Gurdjieff's book 'All and Everything' was written long before particle accelerators began smashing atomic structures to see what spewed forth.  Even so, he wrote of the 'Etherokrilno', which seems a lot like the pervasive 'dark Void' of undifferentiated possibilities: "In the beginning, when nothing yet existed and when the whole of our Universe was empty endless space with the presence of only the prime-source cosmic substance 'Etherokrilno,'..." [p. 748, emphasis added]  The word ‘AEther’ is from Greek, “to ignite”, especially related to the combustion of rarefied gases.  The anesthetic ether is mostly hydrogen, as is most of the Universe until it combusts in suns and novas.  The 'apocryphal' physicists of the early 20th Century, although ridiculed and sometimes even locked-up, used the great nascent energies of 'the Ether' to power huge electric generators with essentially just an antenna (Nicola Tesla), and to heal humans of many diseases, even cancers, with basically steel wool and sheep's wool, as an ‘accumulator’ of the energies (Wilhelm Reich.)  ‘All and Everything’ was written at that critical time of scientific and industrial development exploring and yet reviling the fertile plasma of the Ether (and spirituality in general,) which may partly explain why Gurdjieff 'buried the bones' of Objective Truth under layers of convoluted logic.

   What might have happened upon the Ether charge-soup to create the celestial lights?  Mr. Gurdjieff coined the word "Theomertmalogos or Word-God", an "'Emanation-of-the-Sun-Absolute'" [p. 756] - an 'utterance' or vibration which organizes the undifferentiated into repeating yet varying patterns of matter/form.  Sound vibration, like light and all oscillations, is an energy vector that continuously moves from positive to negative through 'zero', the demarcation between those two directions.  Any left-right, up-down, push-pull type of motion does this.  The speed of the vibration determines how we may perceive it - for example our ears are responsive to a range of about 20 to 20,000 cycles of positive-to-negative-and-back per second.  Our eyes register cycles about ten orders of magnitude faster.  One result of a vibration traveling through any medium is compression (or 'bunching-together') in the areas that are 'pushed', and rarefaction (or 'spreading-apart') in areas that are 'pulled'.  Most of us probably experienced this as children, patting our hands up-and-down on the water in the bathtub and watching/feeling the resulting waves.  The crests of those waves can be thought of as a 'positive' excursion of the water's surface, and the troughs, 'negative'.  Very recent observations of billions of light-years of SpaceTime show that the 'lights' in the heavens, the many galaxies of stars and planets, mostly occur at regular repetitive bands (such as the vast stripe of our Milky Way galaxy) within the cosmic 'ocean' of Ether.  This is very much like the pattern of nodes/nulls and waves which develop in bathtubs, musical instruments, or in our throats and consequently in the air, when producing a word.  These observations of the pressure patterns of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation [6] are a very compelling verification of the action of 'Theomertmalogos' within the 'Etherokrilno' as described in 'All and Everything'.  Compression creates heat/light and facilitates atomic bonding, hence 'Creation', believed to be seeded by stardust.  Gurdjieff also wrote quite a bit about 'Octaves' which is exactly analogous to this patterning.  Each octave of any tone aligns at the nodes, or null-points (a "tranquil point" p. 747) between the positive and negative oscillations.  (This patterning of 'Heptaparaparshinokh' is explored in more detail in "Singing in Purgatory" which I wrote in 2001.)  Another analog of this repetitive and yet endlessly varying pattern of a few basic atomic structures can be found in the DNA molecules that organize the possibilities of a single cell of chemical 'soup' into specific organisms.

   What is the vast undecided without organized form, if not forever indecisive?  What is an organizing principle without a medium to arrange, if not pointless?  The blending of Ether/Etherokrilno and the push-pull of Theomertmalogos' 'Word'/sound creates zillions of worlds everywhere we look in our Universe.  But how could any blending happen without the double-spinning 'Neutral' Resolve, able to morph into whatever charge/spin might be needed to help coalesce various molecules along with the two opposite charges?  Gravity, which appears to hold different 'worlds' in relationship to each other, is now thought to relate to the neutral charge, and dubbed a 'graviton', which might be a 'string' curled in a circle.  Current theories postulate that this oddball "mass-less spin two" neutron is the only particle/string that can easily 'jump' from any dimensional level to any others - it's very adaptable in its non-polarity.  Some physicists hold that Gravity results from matter moving through Ether, and/or vice-versa - in essence, also a result of relationship.  By the early 20th Century the basic forces observed in Nature had been rather well understood by textbook science: electricity and magnetism, which are results of each other (referred to as electromagnetic force) and mostly about the electrons (Negative charges) that spin around an atom's center/nucleus; and the strong and weak nuclear forces that bind and un-bind protons (Positive charges) and neutrons (Neutral/'0') in the nucleus of an atom.  The force of Gravity, however, remains today almost as much a puzzle as it was to Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.  Resolving Gravity mathematically with those other forces is still a major hurdle in developing a unified theory of everything.

   Mr. Gurdjieff wrote the following about the relationships between, presumably, these same three energy 'strings':  "...which three holy forces of the sacred Triamazikamno the said science ("common-cosmic objective science") calls as follows:

  the first, the 'Affirming-force' or the 'Pushing-force' or simply the 'Force-plus';

  the second, the 'Denying-force' or the 'Resisting-force' or simply the 'Force-minus';

  and the third, the 'Reconciling-force' or the 'Equilibrating-force' or the 'Neutralizing-force.'" [p.751] Several sentences later, Gurdjieff wrote that Earth's 'three-brained beings' named these forces:

  "the first, 'God-the-Father';

  the second, 'God-the-Son'; and

  the third 'God-the-Holy-Ghost';."  And on the following page he gave examples of 'prayers' referring to this 'cosmic primordial sacred law', one of which is: "'Holy God, Holy Firm, Holy Immortal, Have mercy on us.'"  By association it seems clear that here 'God' refers to a 'Fatherly' principle.  'Firm' is related by etymology to 'firmament', "the vault or arch of the sky: Heavens" from the "Latin, support, 'firmare'" which also includes the term 'mare/maria' "Latin, sea." [9] Concurrently when the concept of the 'Son' ('Sun'/light) enters, so does the concept of His Mother, Mary (the dark sea.)  Perhaps the evanescence in the words 'Ghost' or 'Spirit' implies by language that same indiscernible "mass-less"/'whatever' quality observed in the non-polarized neutron.  It's also likely that an energy force able to leap many dimensions, maybe including 'Time', would be called 'Immortal'.

   It is essential to recognize that what I’m describing is not three totally separate forces occupying different areas of SpaceTime. The 'Holy-Affirming' is not just in the bright matter, the 'Holy-Denying' is not just in the dark matter, and the 'Holy-Reconciling' is not always just somewhere in between.  All three forces together occupy everything and everywhere, they’re just ordered or not in different relationships.  Neither do I imply that types of people are equivalent to forces of Nature - it is merely notable how societal structures sometimes mimic Nature's structures.  All three ways of micro-to-macro 'Being-ness' together, are the building blocks of All that Is, and Is Not.  My picture is of an enfolding Universe, as an intrinsic whole of Form-ing within the Form-able in 'communication' with Itself.

  Late in 2004, physicist Stephen Hawking reportedly rocked his establishment colleagues by reversing his long-held assertion that nothing can escape the extreme 'sucking-in' and compacting of a 'black hole', which looks like one side of an hourglass-shaped "...tornado-like whirl...the ultimate in spacetime warpage." [10]  Hawking's equations, and those of SuperString theory, now indicate that as much 'anti-matter' exits the other hidden 'white' side, as enters the 'black' side.  Countless 'black holes' have been observed all over our Universe's SpaceTime, and now many are seen with white-hot 'quasars' emitting enormous amounts of rapidly pulsating energy at the centers - the reciprocating Engines of Cosmic Birth and Death.  The Hubbell Space Telescope has also revealed most huge galaxies paired with big 'black holes', (including our Milky Way galaxy,) completing the 'hourglass' look. [11]  Maybe other 'parallel' Universes could be seen on the other 'sides' of the 'holes', presumably in a different SpaceTime relationship, maybe in anti-Time.  At recent count, many theorists postulate seven more dimensions curled tightly within the three spatial ones that we perceive, totaling eleven dimensions - ten of Space, and one of Time. [12]  I can only guess that the twelfth dimension of 'anti-Time' is not yet counted because the mathematics has not yet developed that far.  We are told that Jesus had twelve Apostles, and that one, the often maligned Judas, had the responsibility of beginning the unwinding of His life, in a sense starting 'backwards time' leading to His death.  The irrevocable contraction of all expansion, the involuting of all evolution, the disintegration of all matter, including ourselves, is something that no one likes to think about, not even physicists.  Have Mercy On Us All.

  - Addendum Regarding: TIME and DIMENSIONS -

   In the Chapter 'The Relative Understanding Of Time' Gurdjieff wrote, "... genuine Objective Science formulates this cosmic phenomenon thus:

  "Time in itself does not exist; there is only the totality of the results ensuing from all the cosmic phenomena present in a given place.  ...  It is possible to judge Time only if one compares real cosmic phenomena which proceed in the same place and under the same conditions, where Time is being constated and considered." (page 123)  Time "in itself does not exist", so perhaps there are no separate 'Dimensions' of Time, just of Space, a.k.a. 'SpaceTime.'  This could explain why the Neutron 'graviton' is described as "mass-less", and appears to 'not be tied' to any particular Dimension.  Maybe there's just infinite curvy Space, holding the "totality of the results ensuing" at the first instant of all complete Creation, in a structured 'standing wave' of eternally vibrating Form and Non-Form.  Our perception, or proof, of the 'flow of time' is perhaps really the reverse of our experience of 'watching events go by'.  It could be more like we're riding on the stationary wave of 'events', moving along it's windings and unwindings, saying that 'it happens, and in sequence.'

   One of the postulates of Einstein's Theory of General Relativity is that "... the content of spacetime (the stars, the planets, and so forth,) determines the spacetime geometry." [13]  To paraphrase, the physical matter in a Universe (such as us,) determines it's enfolding.  If String Theory is correct, and there are more Dimensions of Space curled tightly within our Universe's three, it might also be that more are engulfing us at a larger scale.  It may be that the extra 'Dimensions' the Theory's math indicates are of 'Level', a particular 'location-of-perception' of potentially all the Space around the Universe(s).  Perhaps Gurdjieff was indicating these same types of ideas when he wrote: "Time of a definite proportionate duration also ensues from all the surrounding phenomena which are manifested in the given 'cosmic-scale.'" (p. 126 emphasis added)  A 'manifested phenomenon' could be physical matter, 'proceeding in a place', occupying Space at a particular Level that we may call 'Universe,' or 'tree,' or 'atom.'  Gurdjieff's sentence "It is possible to judge Time only if one compares..." may require an Observer, a type of 'I', to have a 'point of view' from which to compare.  He continued: "...(Time) alone can be called and extolled as the 'Ideally-Unique-Subjective-Phenomenon.'" (p. 124)  Maybe the "mass-less" Neutron 'string' follows (or directs,) Awareness, as it skips from one Level to another - if it had mass/matter it could be 'tied to' a particular Dimension.  Maybe this is why our non-identification with 'the world' as we see it, allows us to experience 'other viewpoints/dimensions'.

   P. D. Ouspensky wrote, in his book 'In Search of the Miraculous,' "Eternity is the infinite existence of every moment of time. ... Eternity has one dimension more than time. ... If the space of time is four-dimensional, then the space of eternity is five-dimensional. (and) The sixth dimension is the line of the actualization of all possibilities." (Chapter Ten, emphasis added)  'Actualization' could be the result of consciousness, as an 'experiencer.'  This concept comes from the famous physics experiment (and conundrum) of 'Schroedinger's Cat', which indicates that nothing actually 'happens' (i.e.: the electrical charges don't polarize and meld with each other into matter,) until and unless it is observed.  Perhaps this is why some philosophies since antiquity suggest that our purpose is ultimately to 'witness', observe, 'be God's senses', so that this Universal 'home of the Most Holy Sun Absolute' will be maintained, and even co-created in each instant, by Awareness.  Maybe every time we remember that we've noticed the 'stuff' of our observations, verifying "I Am", it is a part of SpaceTime which literally becomes 'Real.'

*  All page references to 'All and Everything' by G. Gurdjieff are from the Two Rivers Press 1993 Edition  *


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