May  5 / 2009

Piedra Blanca, Dominican Republic

Preparation for the access road inside the Property in Piedra Blanca - Next step is to use materials from the place to create a strong surface for the road


Next steps for the road:

Dig a trench where the road is to go, and filled it with big stones.

Next, we will put in big stones; pebbles, cement and sand which will be packed down to make a firm base.

Then we will add another layer of cement mixed with small stones.

Stones are going at the sides of the road to hold in the paving stones and to make a channel for the water to run away.


Here are the picture we took 5 days ago in the Farm - Next Saturday we will be there to bring Cement and take more pictures

In the pictures you can see the road as it goes up the hill and also when it arrives at the hill.

You can also see the pictures of the stones we are going to use to build the road.

Pictures from May 10th Next Stage >>>


Pictures from May 10th Next Stage >>>

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