Gurdjieff / Fourth Way School in Dominican Republic

Sociedad Hispanoamericana para la Educación continuada (SOHEC)

The HISPANO AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR CONTINUOUS EDUCATION  is a nonprofit organization founded upon the principles of a 'Fourth Way School'.  The Society was incorporated- in the Dominican Republic with the presidential decree No. 413-89 on October 16th, 1989. The task of the society will be to create an integrated organization; the members of which will be committed to self-perfecting and service to Society, Nature and their fellow-men.

The term 'Fourth Way School', was used by Gurdjieff to distinguish the type of society we are creating. 

A Fourth Way school exists solely to carry out an allotted task and to train people for the purpose of transformation.

With this purpose the Society supports the following:

-To establish schools which puts in practice the ideas of the Fourth   Way.

-To achieve unity of purpose and harmony among people of different cultural and religious background.

-To promote the study of methods and teachings of G.I.Gurdjieff.

-To promote the study of human beings and its possible evolution.

-To help spread to all humanity the ideas of Transformation "The Work" as transmitted by G.I. Gurdjieff and J.G.Bennett.

-To remain open to the idea that The Work does not belong to any organization or person - it belongs to Humanity.
Purchase of a property in the country side,  - Piedra Blanca, Bonao, Santo Domingo Republica Dominicana.

where the members of the Society can Work to attain a self sufficient community  that improves quality of life.
This would be a more open place for seminars, with more Work opportunities. It would provide the possibility for people of the community to invest in their own space where they can spent time or live in a Work environment.

This would be eventually the center for all the activities of the group and Seminars.

Road Work – to  facilitate the entrance of motor vehicle in the property.


Construction of building – First  Stage – to house the activities of the group and  seminars.

Multi functional hall – (Movements – Meditation- Meetings), Bed rooms – bath rooms – Kitchen.

Creating a summer camp project for kids “Multicultural Camp”  For Summer 2011, that is intended to become a yearly program   that hopefully will generate income to the maintenance and building of new projects for the community.

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Charitable contributions and bequest are welcome for the maintenance and growth of the organization  as well as  the realization of future projects.

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