Eye of the Needle

Jim Belleau / January Seminar, 2005










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Eye of the Needle

by Jim Belleau/ January Seminar, 2005

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Jim Belleau/ Santo Domingo, January Seminar - 2005

One time while in India, a hawker wanted to sell me a rug. He said that a person could buy diamonds and rubies anywhere but that he had rugs that could fly. This is a good story from an exotic trip. We laugh at such tales until they come true.

 The “Eye of the Needle” seminar in the Dominican Republic of January, 2005, took some time to lift off the runway but once airborne, fulfilled itself in a spectacular manner. It is so difficult to render into words the direct experience of oneself coming home to oneself. Certain intervals were so powerful that everyone present was enveloped into an undeniable place of certainty; where for a time one knows something fully and completely because one IS that understanding. Even as this becomes a memory, something is permanently altered even as the being of that action returns out. As I type these words I am certain that the structure of my molecular part is tuned differently, perhaps permanently altered since before I made these efforts and received the help that is so essentially necessary to our Work. It is ironic that I speak of certainty as one of the achievements in the ten days because we passed through deep and wide places of uncertainty in the first few days. In fact, uncertainty is what we have been asked to embrace in Jose’s parting letter, sent to us a few days after we reluctantly ended our efforts together. We cannot see the net until we have stepped off the cliff.

We who have entered this Work continuously fall into the trap of “thinking” that we will get results in the future for our efforts. We ARE our results. What we are looking for we already have. It is just very difficult to realize. This gap between what we already are and our imagination about its Reality is the Work we have set ourselves in front of. I always bring a small flashlight with me when I travel to the Dominican Republic. I shine it for you and Jose shines his for us and Our Creator helps us more than we deserve. He was there with us, He is with us, with Jose and the Dominican group and all of the “foreigners” who left the radius of the circle of where they live to travel the straight line toward the center, where all lines converge.


Jim Belleau


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