Jose Reyes - June 2005




A Different Perspective

 We need to see the World and ourselves from a different perspective, for this to happen we have to change our attitude towards ourselves. We donąt need to change conditions just change the way we see and perceive ourselves.

We need understanding in order to bring about a change in our attitude. Most people think that all is needed is a change of personality; they see themselves and their behavior and imagine that if they change their personality automatically they will change their lives. That is not so, personality is what it is and will remain so till the day we die.

Something different must grow in us that will be able to break away from personality.

Now, if you invite a very important guest into your house and you put her in a dirty room, dark and humid, full of dirty clothes and a smelly bed; I can assure you that this person will not stay very long in your house. Our heart is the room for God; He Himself has said: All the universes are too small to contain me, yet I fit into the heart of my beloved.

We need to cleanse our hearts; we must remove all the rust that has accumulated over the years, all the negativity and emotional attitudes that have established themselves without our consent. We have to open once more the windows and let fresh air and light come back in. We have to realize that we have a roll to play and that we are united by a common bond. Each one of us is so important, because we are pieces of a very large puzzle. Only by putting the pieces together, it is possible to see the whole picture.

I wish to suggest that for this summer seminar in Germany that we try  to see the need to change the vision we have had of the world and of ourselves so far, and should be able to open up to a new vision,  new possibilities and a fresh understanding of the role we have to play.

Please read: Chapter 24; The Legominism concerning the Deliberations of the Very Saintly Ashiata Shiemash under the title łThe Terror of the Situation˛

About the upcoming seminar in Germany:

I must inform you that we have made the proper arrangements with the owners of the seminar house, and for this seminar they will be providing the food, which means there will be no Work in the Kitchen this year, but we will have more time for movements and other activities.

We have been working on some very interesting movements that I feel will help us gain a deep insight of our moving center.








A Different Perspective We need to see the World a
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